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I wanted to post my oldest survivor built model kit, from Monogram, which to me the Illinois company always was, even after the name change, a kit I built as a 10 year old, and when looking at it, still gives me much pleasure, good childhood memories but also because... *PIC*

of the love affair with this hobby, which lasts for 40 years now...
Sadly since photobucket changed their policy I can't show it.
Therefore another kit, one I built, especially for a good friend who worked at Revell-Monogram, but was downsized a little over then years ago, Dean Milano, a former board member here too, we had and still have fun times, a friendship of almost 20 years now. (Thank you John K. Dezan for keeping a few of my pics for this long)
Through the years, whenever in the US,at I-Hobby/RCHTA time I've met Ed Sexton, and the late Bill Lastovich, it was always a fun talk, and do hope that the current team Revell US can be included in the newly formed company.

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