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I think once everything is in place Revell will continue as always.

All the kits are basically made in China, I don't imagine that changing. It won't matter much where the Revell offices are.

Possibly kits from Germany will cost a little more like most overseas kits. That might have more to do with European Trade Unions, import duties, etc.
Unless Revell has the kits shipped directly from China to the U.S. (and they have an office / warehouse presense here).

Revell Germany (at least to me) has always issued more new tooled kits (overall) than the US side did. So that could be a good thing.

We all know Revell Germany makes great kits, such as their recent Mercedes AMG and Mclaren 570S, so I think the high quality kits will continue.

I think the scheduled model kits will still be coming out and it will be business as usual.

Weren't the two companies merged as one once before, and then the two companies split again? I seem to remember that went back and forth. But didn't effect anything.

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