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It would not surprise me.

The American and particularly car model aspect has a reputation for being cheapskates. It's not untrue. We gripe about a kit costing more than $15, but the armor and aircraft guys? That's about the third of the cost of a single kit. And they buy and build way more than we do. Not coincidentally, they get a lot more new tooling kits than we do, too. (Check out the review section in any issue of FineScale) Like it or not, we are the "small fish" in the overall large pond of scale modeling.

I'm really unhappy about the news...Revell has been doing good stuff over the years. I've met and chatted with Ed Sexton a few times, he is someone who truly cares about the hobby.

I'm worried about my own building habits, IE, NASCAR. It's roughly 80% of what I build. A German car has not competed in NASCAR since 1954. While I prefer to focus on the 1990s more than other decades, I do want to build more current stuff occasionally. It's possible that may not be an option going forward...something I am not happy about. Revell just last year came out with new NASCAR kits for the first time since 2006, and they are fantastic kits...I was hopeful they would be the start of many kits over the years, now, not so hopeful.

I like Volkswagens and Porsches quite a bit, but the vast, vast majority of my collection -(built and unbuilt combined) is roughly 95% American automobiles. Will the new owners of Revell continue to issue kits that I want to build? I don't know. I hope so. Maybe they will put more money into it and make it even better...I know for several years now things have been tight for Revell. Revell Germany also was not using that really soft plastic that Revell USA had been using, so maybe it's not 100% negative.

Even if they never issue anything else I want to build (highly unlikely) I have enough kits that I would be able to make it through with no real issue for many decades to come. But there's always more kits I was hoping would get issued, and held onto some hope that Revell would do it.

Maybe the people behind the scenes at Revell- I know only Ed Sexton, but I know there are other people- will land at Moebius or Round2? I would not be surprised if the new owners offered to bring them back...but at reduced salary. I don't expect I'll ever find out if that happens, as I'm not someone "in the know". But I've heard of it happening in other businesses.

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