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My thoughts about Revell.......

It's like you just found out an old friend is going into emergency surgery and you don't know if he'll make it or not. If he does will he be forever changed or not. But I do know that I will get along no matter what happens. I'm most concerned about the people who've lost their jobs. I've been in this hobby for close to 60 years. I've seen the high's from Revell and the low's. Even some of the low's are remembered with a strange kind of fondness. I was very bummed when we learned about the problem (whatever it was) with their new '30/'29 Ford kit. Was so glad to hear it has been resurrected and we'll see it again. I worry about how the new owners will view the U.S. market. Saying 'Thank You' to the former Revell workers just doesn't seem like enough but it's all I have. OK I've rambled on enough.

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