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Off the bench...... *LINK* *PIC*

First I'd like to thank those who helped on this project. Frank, Barry I thank you. Moebius '65 Plymouth Belvedere Model King California Flash kit was used for this build. Went together like a dream. You do need to check the front and read window fit though. Requires a bit of sanding to fit better. Exterior paint is Tamiya white with a Ford blue stripe. This car (the real one) has had several different color blue stripes during it's career. The blue I used was close and since I already had it.... Decals are by Lucas. The white is a bit to translucent for my tastes but it is what it is. I used a set of Fireball Modelworks resin carbs on the Hemi. The air horns are g r o m e t s I bought at a craft store. Everything else is from the kit. I did biff the passenger side decals. Bummed me out as everything was going so well up until then. Oh! I did lift the rear end up 1/8 inch. I think the kits tires are very nice. The material they use looks more like a tire than the black vinyl we're used to. It was a fun build. Comments welcome.

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