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Re: If you interested in Ford Crown Vics - particularly the law enforcement ones - in three basic versions from '79 through '11, ....have (5) of the GMs.........

1st one

1981 Colony Park wagon- my trusty/rusty bracket racer. Bought in 1988 from a co-worker, to haul the little League teams/bracket raced on weekends. Currently a lawn ornament. Will be parted out.

Another 1981 Colony Park wagon-recently purchased. Shows 55K miles, (believed to be 155K), rust free Arizona survivor. Will get seats/parts from 91, and new drive train.

1991 Colony Park wagon- Last year for the wagon, former daily. Fuel pump died. Needed engine/trans. Was planning to resurrect it until I stumbled upon above 1981. Will be parted out.

2001 Gran Marquis LS- fully loaded. Bosses daily driver. Just rolled over to 71K miles.

2002 Gran Marquis LSE- Former show car with custom paint and upholstery. Just rolled over 101K miles.

Yes. I like these cars. They are comfortable, and the leather option comes with adj. lumbar support, both sides. They are the last of the full frame, full size sedans. Both my 01 & 02 have been 'dyno tuned', run low 15 sec 1/4 mile times, and get mid 20 mpg hiway. The suspensions have been 'tweaked' with stiffer shocks and solid sway bar bushings that improved handling 300%.

Someone scratch built a sedan in 1/25 and was to have it cast. It could also be built as an 87, or 88 thru 91, with both grill, dash, and fascia options. If/when it becomes avail. my plans are to get several.

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