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Ever since I saw the engine that was in the Foose pick up I knew I had to stick that thing in a hoodless street rod. But I didn't want to buy the pick up just for the engine (I'm trying to get away from that sort of thing). So when board member Art Laski announced that a theme for the model display at the L.A. Roadster show was 'Foose models' I knew what I had to do. I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak. A couple of weeks ago I showed my Foose pick up build. It's a curbside build 'cause the engine went into a Revell '32 Roadster (the other obvious theme for the Roadster show). As I was under a strict deadline (the show is this weekend) I knew I couldn't get to carried away on this build. I took some shortcuts to get it finished in time but as this is not a judged show I was OK with that. And I wanted to help Art out to 'fill the tables' so they keep inviting us model builders back. So. Cal. has lost more than a few shows over the past couple of years so I wanted to do my part to keep what we have. The build is very straight forward. Body, interior and chassis is the Revell '32 kit. That very nice engine is from the Foose pick up. The engine fit surprisingly well. I did have to do some major surgery on the top of the bell housing and tranny. But I was able to use the kit engine mounts with no modifications! I had to modify the transmission mount and shorten the driveshaft. Also made a new upper radiator hose. I used a camshaft from one of the AMT engine Parts Pack for the front spreader bar. Paint is Tamiya Italian Red and Tamiya Gloss Black. Didn't have the time for paint to dry so it was Tamiya to the rescue! I painted the engine block silver to simulate a polished aluminum block and heads. It's just so-so. Someone here has to put the time into this engine/body combo because the engine is so cool looking in a hoodless roadster. Hope you enjoy the picks! Comments welcome.

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