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Bob, yours is the Revell car transporter, and Jeff's is an AMT Haulaway, but the issue is basically the same. Nice one! But for the champion, here is a rig with 11 cars! QUIZ: I am not sure the middle car on the lower level could get into that spot in *PIC*

the real world as it appears the rear ramp cannot raise up after the middle car uses it to get in place. I suppose if the front ramp were empty and fully raised a short car could get in using the rear ramp far enough forward to then raise and load the rear ramp, but that would mean the semi would have to be detached and ramps to the front of the trailer used to load the the then lowered front ramp. Am I missing a simpler solution?

P.S. I think the builder is named LloydJH, which is what I put in the file name back when I saved the original pic, which I cropped and resized to get under 20kb to post here.

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