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I want to build this car! Does anyone have an extra MCG '67 GTX set they want to part with? Hit me OTB! *PIC*

It's a '66 satellite but it looks plenty close enough to me and it looks like it would be mostly just removing the GTX emblems and adding the pe "Satellite" emblems on the fenders, rear deck, glove box door and rear seat. I had a can of Dark Blue paint mixed up and hope to get going on it this winter. Does anyone have one the '67 GTX sets they could even just photograph for me? I see MCG makes the set for the current Moebius '65 Belvedere and that one would work but it only has three Satellite scripts and I would need at least four to make the '67 look right, five if I'd put one on the glove box door. Can you tell/show me how many Satellite scripts are on the GTX set? If I have to, I'll get the '65 Belvedere set but I'd really like to see if the GTX set would work better for me. Thank you for any help you can provide!
Have a great night!
Bob Kremer

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