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Now that I have started back building (at least to a limited extent) after over two years I have been putting some time into my Project Ramblefish.

For the benefit of those who've never seen any of my previous installments or who have forgotten Ramblefish is a Jo-Han 1966 Rambler Marlin. It's being built up from parts from three partially built kits and recovering from a failure from several years ago.

This is going to be a non-stock curbside build.

Even though the body I'm using is a 1966 I decided to use the 1965 interior for no really compelling reason. In doing so I'm having to do some repairs. The steering wheel was badly broken so I had to do some careful work digging out the stump of the column. But now the column drop is cleaned out and ready for something new although I haven't decided what pieces I'm going to use as of yet.

Because the original floor console was broken out years ago I've decided to smoothen out the drivetrain hump and use either another type of console or a floor shifter of some sort. I will have to soak the parts to remove the ancient black enamel paint from them.

I am also using the 1965 chassis as it was in the best shape. The original front suspension parts had long ago broken off as had the engine which damaged the chassis at the front end of the molded on driveshaft tube.
I made some repairs and still need to put on the front suspension parts from one of the other kit's parts.

This is not the body that I will be using but this shows some of the plan.

I have eliminated the peaks from the hood and filling the hood ornament depression.

I haven't decided on any colors yet nor have any wheels and tires been chosen.

I hope some of you might like what I am doing so far.

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