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funny you mention Louis, I loved his chrome, no one got bumpers to look as good as he did, and I mean no one. However wheels, grills and other smaller more intricate parts did sometimes suffer at his hands due to the heavier lacquer coating he seemed to use. I haven't had

much plating done recently, post Chrome+ shuttering. I did use Little Motor Kar once. I'm not trying to knock him, I much preferred Louis, but Dale does good work, and appears that his finish is for lack of a better term, "thinner" Much to my chagrin, unaddressed flaws in the parts, (parting lines in a bumper come to mind) which I had previously removed with medium and fine sanding sticks, showed up in the finished product from LMK. Chrome+ thick plating used to hide such oversights on my part. So based on my experience I'd say LMK might be your answer. Alas, the plater giveth, and the plater taketh...………….

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