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SOME PROGRESS ON THE 68 CHEVELLE..... Got the passenger side framing and post done last night also got everything painted except the body, waiting for my flat hood from Missing Link. PICS and thanks for looking

Have to get the shocks installed and that should finish up the chassis. I made the bench seat (thanks Billy Mayberry) done though not entirely correct it fine with me. The back is a bit high cause I had to use the bucket seats but I think I could lower them by cutting down the mounting points on the floor.
Going to have to sand down the SS trim on the trunk some how without hurting the chrome bumper.

 photo 100_7833_zpspqqjtto9.jpg
 photo 100_7836_zpsmrllwhnx.jpg
 photo 100_7835_zpskxfz3upn.jpg
 photo 100_7837_zpsdpfczy1r.jpg

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