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A little work of necessity on my Project Pro-6.

My Project Pro-6 has presented some odd challenges owing to it being comprised of a Jo-Han 1969 Road Runner body with AMT Road Runner chassis and underhood compartment.

One that I had to resolve involved the hood. On the hood and body there were details molded in that were needed to allow the hood to be poseable when the Jo-Han RR was built as intended. However these areas were keeping the underhood doghouse assembly from fitting into the body and had to go. Once removed though the hood no longer had anything to hold it into place with the body.

After analyzing the situation I decided to use Evergreen brand 20 mil styrene strips to create a support. I put strips along the underside of the fenders and under the sides of the hood. I don't have a real history using this product but I was able to make it work for me. I found this to be a satisfactory solution to the problem. Admittedly, it doesn't look like what you'd find on a real Road Runner but then again it was necessary when combining parts and assemblies from two different manufacturers produced decades apart.

Any given model project can involve compromises depending on the complexity of the build and what the overall effect is supposed to be. Pro-6 has been no exception but it certainly has been a learning experience and I consider the goals worth the needed work.

A little bit more filing and trimming and it will be done.

I mentioned previously that I am planning to use the chromed instrument insert from the GTX Pro Street kit and I discovered that Gofer makes a sheet full of gauge decals which I am planning to use in this application. What's nice is that this sheet has tons of instrument and dash decals for many other projects.

Some of the mocking I've been doing.

I hope you like what I have been doing on this involved project of mine.

Compliments are always welcomed but criticisms never are.

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