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My model hoarding pays off in only 44 years......

I am bad about keeping everything model wise. Extra parts, boxes instructions sheets etc. Well after only 44 years it paid off!!! I bought a Falcon XB resin kit from Down Under. It was just a body interior, engine or chassis. I tried a number of chassis under the body but none were the right WB or width or other issue. Then in my stash was a AMT Countdown series 1965 Mustang kit. Back in the 1970's I had robbed the body and bumpers from the kit to make a hard body slot car body. I had held on the the rest of the kit to use 'someday'.
And after 44 short years I found a use for it!!! The Mustang chassis works perfect under the Falcon along with the interior....with slight mods. I tried to tell my wife that this was proof I am justified in my keeping everything!!! She was not convinced........:-(

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