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More often then not , I hit road blocks in my builds....Which leads me down a better road....and will be the case with my '68 Pro Street Chevelle project....PICS....

Even with the best products , I struggle with decals . My Chevelle has been painted for a while and I decided to lay down the black stripes a few days ago . Needless to say , it was a disaster and did not work out for me . I have gotten some tips on how to better the outcome and I will try again on another build , but not this one . While venturing in alternatives , I am heading in this direction . It will now become a Pro Street Yenko Chevelle , and I am really liking the way this is headed .
The hood stripe is going to work out perfect on my in progress outlaw hood . I have some aluminum sleeves with resin torque thrust centers which will carry on the theme . I have some left over photo-etch Yenko badges in which I think will cover out the flattened SS badges in the front grill and center rear panel ( Although this positioning in not correct on the actual car. ) Last pic shows the darker green metallic used for the interior panels . I think it is a good contrast . Wish me luck !

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