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Do or have Franklin and/or Danbury Mint diecast cars appreciate in value at all? Today I bought an unboxed 1/25 scale '67 Mustang convertible...for $29!

LHS in another city picked up a collection of unboxed Mint cars and pickup trucks, and they're displaying them for sale in two of their display cases. There are cars that I didn't know the Mints did (like that Mustang droptop), but there are some they don't have that I known were done (mostly '50s Chevys and '32 Fords).

Remembering an opportunity I had a few years ago to buy one man's Mint vehicle collection--all 100 of them--for $1,000. Didn't do it because he didn't have a list of the cars he was selling, and I didn't want to get stuck with cars I didn't want or need.

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