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Nice work Bob! That Polar Lights technology MAY be the happy medium needed on new kits to attract bigger audiences....

That was the whole idea back then. Create a very nicely detailed kit, complete with engine, that would give nice results to an amateur snapping it together in an hour or two, but the canvas for great detailing by the more astute crowd like us.

The first release of the Herbie the Love Bug was part of this series. Tom Lowe is a big TV / Movie memorabilia guy and that Love Bug was designed so that people picking those up at the movie memorabilia shows could have a nice piece on their shelf. My nephew as 12 at the time and he saw the kit sitting on my dining room table and was interested. I gave it to him. Later that day we were at a party at his house and there was that Beetle, all assembled and looking good. He was very pleased! And we've seen a lot of nice models built off that kit by our aging herd. See the potential?

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