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Painted the Toro today . . . .

And for me, it came out pretty good. I decided to do the silver underneath first, and after it dried it seemed pretty rough. I knocked it down with a sanding pad, and rewashed it with dish detergent. Let it air dry, a blew it off with air just before painting.

I started with a few light coats. and the Testors Laquer Pure Gold paid down pretty good. I could tell it was just a bit darker in one area, so I gave it 5 minutes and tried to even it out. I will say it does dry nice and quick. I did get the matching Wet Look Clear, which I will wait for next weekend to do. The gold came out pretty smooth, with a tiny bit of orange peel. Should I wait and sand / buff the gold? Or can I just shoot the clear to even it out?


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