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A while back Mike Lowden offered up some decals, here on the board, and the people receiving them were to build a drag car to debut during this year's NHRA season opener... It's been a definite struggle, but for better or worse, here is my entry into this little build-off..

I picked a set of Boogieman decals and used them to build a Corrvette funny car, based on MPC's Nitro Vette kit.... Circa 1979....

I had originally planned to finish my Cadillac XLR funny car for this project, but after reassessing things, decided that there was way
too much work left to do for such a short deadline. So I dug out the Vette kit, figuring it would be easier.... Boy was I ever wrong!!! LOL

After cleaning a ton of flash from almost every part, I decided that the car need a cool candy fade paint job.... Again, nothing but a fight!
What you see is my 3rd attempt and is actually a compromise between a true fade and a masked two-tone,
using Tamiya clear red and clear orange of Testors Diamond Dust One coat.

Full disclosure, the car is nowhere near finished, the body still needs to be cleared and polished and there is a ton of detail work still to be done.... Still hope y'all can dig it!!!!

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