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What's with the recent trend in giving magazine titles these generic names... I like the content of "Church" magazine, and "Fuel" magazine but if you try to Google those titles for information, you are bombarded with irrelevant results. Church magazine has nothing to do...

... with religion, it's all about Car Culture. It's an interesting format of color pictures with really esoteric unobstrusive comments that just add to the enjoyment. NO articles, no how-to's, no text, just an interesting array of pictures pertaining to our car culture.

Fuel is an Australian magazine that covers the Oz hot rodding scene. It's a different size format than what we're used to, issues 1 through 5 were about 6' square which grew a bit bigger. Just to complicate things, there's also a Swedish Fuel magazine... Another Australian magazine that I REALLY like is Hot Rodding International (no ambiguity in THAT title) and is the same format and quality as The Rodder's Journal. I have four of HRI on the way to me as we speak...

No point to this post, just ranting out loud... LOL

Raymond Gallant

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