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The ONLY bookstore in Texas that I found that carries Fuel magazine from Australia, seems to have stopped carrying it last year. Wish they'd bring it back...

They usually got just three issues. When I would buy mine, they were often down to two.
Not sure if maybe they're selling out of them before I get there (I tend to go there at least once a month), or they completely dropped it.
They still carry TRJ, which is unusual in that it and the retro titles (Hot Rod Deluxe, Traditional Rod & Customs, Car Kulture Deluxe, and Ol' Skool Rods) are the ONLY rod titles they carry!! They don't bother with Hot Rod or Car Craft or even the British hot rod titles.
But then again, that store is "configured" to appeal to Austin's burgeoning Liberal populace, and hot rodding a car is probably considered a 'crime" by those folks.

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