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Looking over my Project Faded glory and its unique personality.

For those who might have forgotten or never saw any of the previous features on this build Faded Glory is an early 1990s Chevrolet pickup being used by a fictional small family-owned landscaping business here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.

One of the notions that I decided fairly early on was to not glue any of the bed items so that I can change up what's in there from time to time.

Truth is, there are just too many interesting and relevant items out there to just settle on one fixed cargo.

Here are a few photos to illustrate what I'm doing.

Not all items shown have been distressed or dirtied up yet but will eventually.

The owners of Verdant Vistas landscaping company, Sal and Maria, have a sideline business of restoring vintage soft drink machines, hence the ones shown. (Sal's cousin Jesse paints the drink machines at his body and paint shop in San Antonio).

The newest item is the Honda Gorilla mini-bike and it will be dirtied up at some point.

No, the pickup itself isn't finished yet as I have a few more things to do with it.

I hope some of you like what I have been doing with my signature project.

Compliments are always welcomed but not required.

Criticisms are never appreciated or welcomed.


My granddaughter Lyla-yes she walks now!

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