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Minor rant about some kit sellers: Tom does it right when he inventories parts in kits he sells so I always go to his list first. If he does not have a specific item after some time has passed I check other options. My beef is sellers who say "Seems complete but not

inventoried" or "Seems complete but see pics - sold as seen, as is" with parts in a jumble in the bottom of the kit box or even in a pile outside the box or in too few or blurry pics. And the sellers with a really high sales count who say "I do not know anything about this, but I think it is all there but I am selling it as is and no returns." We are talking some rather expensive (at least to me) kits, too. For some of the grails which are hard to find at all, completeness is a MAJOR factor in value and one would think it not too much to ask for a straight answer in that regard. Okay, stepping off soap box now. Whew!

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