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You got it... *PIC*

I post this because I recall looking him up before, I thought at your suggestion, Wayne.

Thanks to Google, from the Model Car Museum website:

"Olaf Wahl

Earlier this year (2001), noted builder Olaf Wahl passed away on April 19, 2001. Olaf was a leading builder of replica stock builder whose work appeared in the Complete Ford Book. His estate has graciously donated 6 of his models to the Museum; we express our great sadness at Olaf's passing, and delight that we can preserve and honor his legacy by acquiring and displaying some of his work in the Museum. Thanks, too, to Doris Hoene for her gracious help in arranging this extraordinary donation."

Again thanks to Google, a picture from an eBay auction

"This was built in the mid 1980's by Olaf Wahl. Some of his cars are in The International Model Car Builders' Museum. He passed away in 2001 and was well respected in the hobby.
I purchased this from him because I had a 1948 Ford Sportsman and a 1948 Chrysler Town and Country convertible. There was no kit or replica done at that time and a lot of custom bits had to be created. The Ford had longer rear fenders (taken from a sedan delivery) when they were built -- so Olaf had to make the fenders. The Sportsman had leather interior and power windows so that had to be made to look right, also. The wood look he created is spectacular. There is still no model kit today, as far as I know, for one of these truly amazing vehicles. A lot of time and effort on his part and I'm sure there are customizing things, he did, that I am forgetting.
It has sat on a shelf in my garage for over 30 years to remind me of one of my favorite cars. It could be cleaned, but I will leave that to the new owner. I am downsizing and would like someone else to enjoy it as much as I have. 1:24 scale. If you own one of these classics, or if you collect current or vintage built models, -- you may never have this opportunity again.
The iconic Ford Sportsman was built in 1946 1947 and 1948 and has always been a very special car from a very narrow window in time."

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