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Right or wrong, a race should not be decided that way...the drivers have to be able to race eachother to the end...

As the stewards did it now they blew all excitement and totally destroyed the race for all the fans who have paid a lot of money to come and see it, and all TV viewers, because it was a very good race up to that point, but with this, in my view bad way to address this, you allready knew with 30 laps to go who would be the winner..that's not fair to the fans in my book.
As I saw it Vettel did a misstake in this corner and went out on the grass, but he had nowhere to go and the distance he was on the grass was so short that he had no time to get the car under control before he went back on the track and with dirty tires slided out on the racing line and touched Hamilton slightly...if Vettel had stepped on the brake with the tires full of grass and debris he would most likely had taken both himself and Hamilton out of the race as the corner is quite tight and he couldn't disappear...what would good would that have both could finish the race.
Hamilton did nothing wrong so he can't be blamed for anything and of course Vettel did a misstake after Hamilton had put him under pressure for quite a while and he should be reprimanded somehow, but what should Vettel have done different in that situation, I don't think Hamilton or any of the other drivers would have done anything it was a very hard decision to make in that short time.
It would have been better if they waited until after the race and took a good look at the situation in peace and quiet before they decided anything, and if needed give out a penalty before the next would have been more fair for all.
When this happened I got so angry for wasting almost two hours with this outcome so when the decision came to give Vettel a five second penalty I shut off my TV set and went to do something else.
Hopefully they will not do it the same way again, because if they do it often they will loose lots of attendants to the races and TV viewers...they are in enough trouble as it is when one team is too dominant in a season as Mercedes are right now, and when another team finally have a chance to do something a decision like this does not help...sad but true.

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