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Why ? Not every car has to have a 50K restoration. Just get it working and looking good and enjoy it. I've only got a few grand in my T/A. I drive it and enjoy it every weekend and I bet most people on this board would have passed on it as less than a parts car if they seen *PIC*

what I started with.

Sitting up to the axles in lawn, not on the road for 15 years. 3/4 of the floor rusted away. rust in the 1/4 panels and doors. an engine barely alive,,

Had it out on a 175 mile drive yesterday. 80 MPH on the highway no problems. Solid as a rock and get complements on it from strangers almost every time I have it out.

I couldn't buy one in this condition now for twice what I have into it.

I gotta take some new pics. I've added the decals and wheel centers and a few other odds and ends since this pic.

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