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Oh yeah. I've been to I think three shows, but it's been so nasty out I passed on several others. No, I didn't change wheels and tires because I get so many complements as it is, and I don't think what I'd gain is worth the great expense. Plus, I still...*PICS*

...really want a '57 Mercury 2 door hardtop wagon, so I'd rather put the money toward that. I wouldn't mind having a '57 Ford Fairlane (not 500), like my first car, too. Part of the problem is a place to put them, too. I think I posted pictures of the Merc I bid on on eBay a couple years ago, but I can't really regret not winning it as it went too high, and in fact, a very nice one sold on one of the TV auctions since then for quite a bit less that that one went for, but it sold before I could even begin to figure out how to bid on it. Here's the one I bid on earlier. Ain't she beautiful?

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