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Raised 1:25 grain in the plastic "wood" be way out of scale. Actual real wood in pu beds, woody wagons, furniture, cabinets, doors, etc. is smooth. It is the thin metal or vinyl clad stuff that has "grain" in the surface. I know, it helps avoid "canning" and is cheaper to

stamp or mold those than actually use real wood with a smooth finish. I have white foam filled molded in grain vinyl clad "six panel" doors in my house and the fake look annoys me when I think about it, but that is what I could afford. My mother's house built in 1959 has real wood six panel doors and the beveled insets and frame are Smooth and the edges are much crisper.

There have been some folks here on the board that have shown how to paint very realistic grain on pu beds and woodys and a surface grain pattern would just have to be sanded out to start with to do that well. The other option is to use decals. Either way needs to be on a smooth surface.

Just my 2 cents. ;^)

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