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68 Chevelle SS 396.....finished PIX. .......

Just got this one done. It's a bash with the AMT '68 El Camino. I used it's blown big block/automatic with A/C and accessories along with the dash, console/shifter. An AMT '57 Corvette donated the headers that had to be modified to fit. While it wasn't as simple of a conversion as I thought it would be. The extra work was worth it. Especially having a more accurate dash. On the body, I fixed the lips on the wheel wells and added a vinyl top. I also did some modifications to make the hood, grille and tail light panel/rear bumper fit better. Front and rear were lowered and fit with Pegasus T's and disc brakes. Paint is Dupli Color Bright Aqua. An impossible color to capture with a tablet or camera. I actually had to change the hue slightly to get the actual color in the photos. Every photo with the tablet would show a straight blue color when it's actually a blue green color. It does kinda change color in different light. But, it never looks like it did in the photos. On to the next project! Thanx for checking it out!

2019-07-11 16.57.06

2019-07-11 17.14.36

2019-07-11 17.15.04

2019-07-11 17.16.33

2019-07-11 17.17.07

2019-07-11 17.17.58

2019-07-11 17.18.29

2019-07-11 17.19.18

2019-07-11 16.34.56

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