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Questions about MPC 69-70 Mustangs

I am curious about some items I picked up recently that really have my curiosity peaked, MPC 1970 Mustangs I have one molded in Yellow and now I have 1 molded in White were both these run as 1970 annuals if so where any other colors used. I thought the 70 was issued only in 70, were there more issues? 1969 MPC Mustangs the only issues I have or have seen are from the first reissue of the car with darkened windows molded in red and newer I do not have and have not seen the latest issue, but in this collection there are 2 both molded in white that have a small thin post just behind the door line. I have never seen this before it is not on any I have or have seen. is it an original or what?
Thanks in advance..

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