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The first car I bought........ *PIC*

I still have!! The first car I drove was a family 73 Pinto and a 1964 Datsun 411. But I soon bought my 66 Mustang 2+2 289 HP top loader 4 speed, I just completed restoration.
The car was for sale in FEB 1975 at Young Ford in Charlotte NC. Newspaper price was $900. I went and looked at it but could not test drive or buy it as I was not 18 yet. BUT the salesman Ron Grana, retired NASCAR Cup driver, accepted my offer of $800 cash.....but my Dad had to come sign papers the next I handed him a $20 he gave me his card with '$20 dep 66 must' on the back.
Next day Dad drove me down to Young Ford. We went inside to do the paper work. When we came out to get the car someone had backed into the left rear quarter.....nothing bad...a parking lot bump....but it had bent the bumper and cracked the pot metal cap. Ron offered to have the shop fix it, about a week, or give me $200 cash to have it fixed. Needless to say I took the cash...I had a buddy that did body work on the side....and I wanted to take her home then.

So my $600 Mustang was my daily driver until 1986 when the clutch started slipping. I figured I'd just rebuild the engine and trans. I took her apart and she sat in boxes through a move from NC to WV until 2017 when I decided it was time to restore or sell. My wife and kids said they disown me if I sold it so we restored. And after about $10K with a restoration shop that had a good rep until I gave them money we ended up doing or redoing all the work but paint. And after about $8K more and a LOT of work over a years time she debut at the Mustang 55th event at Charlotte not real far from where I bought her!

So even after the fraud with the resto shop and failure in the courts I still think it was well worth it. And I drove it for the first time a few weeks ago.....posted the story here. I had not driven a manual trans since I lost my left leg to Sharko disease in 2002. It's like learning all over....but man what a blast being in a better, more powerful Mustang with real disk brakes this time!!! asked.....and this is the short version!!!
PS there's that Pinto in the photo!

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