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Thanks Rich! I was researching other mid-late 50's Chrysler kits and their dashes and came upon the '59 Imperial...

and I said "Hmm..." The gauge binnacle looks like something maybe we could use. Perhaps shorten it heightwise and combine two dashes to get the double hooded look. Or perhaps an early Mustang dash? Any other ideas? I was trying other parts on the DeSoto body and lo and behold the Moebius windows are almost an exact fit!! I was really excited about that since my DeSoto didn't come with glass either. The frame will need minor trimming to fit in front and a little more in back and the floorpan will need the inner fenders narrowed a bit to fit inside the body. If I can get the dash figured out well the rest is sounding pretty doable! I'll keep y'all updated as I go farther into this project.

Bob Kremer

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