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1949 Mercury, $50 from wife of original owner. He bought car new and passed two years later. It was garaged and driven around block each week by her son or her neighbor. I was 16 and when I heard her son ask my dad if I wanted to buy a car, I ran outside and said, "Yep, how

much?" Added tire rake and soon repainted Candy Maroon lacquer over gold in parents driveway using a vacuum cleaner spray attachment. Remember, this was 1964. All of a sudden I was very popular at school. Kept car until I graduated and went on active duty in '66. Wish I had kept it but no place to store it. By the way Dave, my first wife and I bought the first Gremlin X sold locally. Blue with white and three speed on the floor. Worst feature, vacuum wipers, soon remedied with a conversion kit.

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