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Re: My first car was a 1953 Chevy 210 4door......paid $200 in '63......PIC

Bought from a friend and schoolmate. It had been his mom's/family car. It was replaced with a 60 Bel Air.

6 cyl 3 on the tree. Threw away the hubcaps, painted the wheels black, and added 'port a walls', remember them?

Was heavily involved in Stock Eliminator Racing. Found a 1959 235 6 (full oil pressure), bored .060 over, 1954 Corvette cam, dual point dist., from the same Corvette, McGurk dual carb intake and hedders feeding into single 3" exhaust, to hide cam lope, all with help and advise from a roundy-round Chevy 6 racer.

Eventually scattered that engine at the top of second gear. Would give a 312 Ford a run for the $$.
Went thru so many 3 speed trans, got so I could swap them in ~ 15 min.

Mine looked like this one except white roof and light blue lower, wrinkled pass. door and rt. fr. fender.

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