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COUPLE THINGS OFF THE BENCH...... 59 Corvette SCCA racer and 69 Chevelle Deluxe 300 post/sedan car. Finished these up last night/way to early in the morning. PICS and thanks for looking.

Corvette: Since the pictures I've glued the hood open with hold up brace and glued open the trunk deck. Using the rest of the VMR decals and I have a white 60 Corvette with the hardtop and then I'll have pretty much the rest of the decals done. I have to add some "Summit Racing" decals on the seat belts. The photos I was using show the on the real car the # 614 was put on the car covering the chrome moldings..... I didn't like that but I still did it like the real car
 photo 100_8347_zpslotsrxsn.jpg
 photo 100_8349_zpstzp0tdex.jpg
 photo 100_8348_zpsj7rlqzwr.jpg
 photo 100_8345_zpsjfipntdn.jpg
 photo 100_8343_zpsersehmsk.jpg
 photo 100_8343_zpsersehmsk.jpg
 photo 100_8344_zpsw8lzx0uo.jpg
 photo 100_8346_zpsqyoszric.jpg

Chevelle: Sleeper as sleeper goes column shifter, ringless rallies, and plain jane look. Drive to the track and hope nothing breaks so you can get home.
 photo 100_8342_zpsuxjb0lwt.jpg
 photo 100_8341_zpswdpcyoz9.jpg
 photo 100_8340_zpsswvjojel.jpg

I am really sorry but I don't remember who sent me the PE 300 DELUXE emblems...…. THANK YOU THANK YOU

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