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A question about CA and accelerators...

I use the "Extreme Power" thick CA glue as sold at Hobby Lobby. It's manufactured by a company called Adhesive Systems for them. I used to use Zap-A-Gap but no longer have a local source.

I had an issue with a build when I used the above CA glue and used HobbyTown USA's Insta-Set Accelerator. It's made by Bob Smith Industries. I was mating a Monogram Model A body to the fender unit. I had prefit everything and it was fine. I applied the above CA, then gave it a quick spray with the accelerator. Then suddenly one side was higher than the other! Upon tearing it apart to check, I found that the accelerator had blown up the CA glue so it was a solid 1/16" or so thick, like a shim, which caused my fit issue. (I no longer spray, I will put a drop of accelerator onto the joint.)

My question... is this typical of CA glues with accelerators, my use of the thick CA, or maybe two different brands colliding?

Since then I've found I can use it to my advantage. I will liberally apply the CA to a part, add the accelerator to dry the CA rock solid, then sand it down to the shape I need. Beats using putty! I do note that the CA is harder than the plastic, but there are times where this is an advantage.

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