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2014-09-27 Patton Museum Chiriaco Summit CA Finally got around to edit and uploading these. Anybody on I-10 traveling between Cal and AZ has seen this place like I've done dozens of times. Finally decided was going to make time to check it out. Since then I've read they've *LINK* *PIC*

build another building, reorganized, and added more displays. And I had lunch at the restaurant, pretty good burger and shake and cheaper then down the hill in Palm Springs.

1950 Dodge-Waterous fire truck.

1-6 model of Dodge WC57 Command Car

They have several replicas of Da Vinci designs including this 33-Barreled Organ gun. Some really good wood working on these.

43 Willys Jeep (note to self, bring tripod next time for indoor shots)

Soviet fire fighting and riot control water cannon build on a T55 chassis

Teddy Bear Cholla, don't want to hug this 'cause it don't let go. This is desert so especially in the summer you need to be careful around the outside displays.

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