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Re: New issue of Scale Auto is a good one, and Terry Jesse has a kit review in it. Also, there is mention of one-part automotive urethane clears - what is an example of one, and should I consider using it vs Testors One Coat Wet Look?

I pretty much breezed through everything that interested me in about five minutes. Honestly. Maybe pushing ten minutes. Maybe the details of the hobby are getting boring to me but it sure seems like the "enthusiasm" has drained out of that magazine a long time ago. I am more interested in the articles of the more edgy magazines, Model Builder, and Kustom and Hot Rod Models to name two. My sub is up in December and since this was the Dec issue I think that was the end of it and I don't think I will be resubscribing anytime soon. Now if Model Cars started up on a regular schedule again, I would be all over that one.


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