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Off the bench at Randfink Kustoms. AMT '36 Ford coupe. *PICS*

I built this for a good friend, as my end of a trade. Anyways, a LOT of really persnickety bodywork went into making it look like this. The fit of the body to the fenders, the roof to the body, and the hood to the body all had to be tweaked. I also corrected the side window shape and the beltline character lines. Headlights are from a Revell '41 Chevy pickup, the louvered hood sides are from Drag City Casting, and the photoetched Lasalle grille is from Model Car Garage. Front wheels and tires and the bumpers are from the Revell Custom '48 Ford coupe. Fender skirts are scratch built. Color is Tamiya maroon. And the "hooligans" plaque is from the custom '48 decal sheet, a little tribute to the friend who's getting this model, as he belongs to the actual 1:1 car club called the Hooligans.

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