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On the Bench!, Buicks! (PICS)

So, outside of cleaning up evil bay on original 66 Rivieras, I've been building them as well. First up, the one I got many years ago. I have it in primer now. This will be a stock Riv.

This next one I got about a week ago, I am going to build it as the "Concours" car with the vinyl half top and side finned chrome applicates. I do not think anyone has built one like this, at least I cannot find any pictures on the internet to show one built.

It will not be built exactly like the box art model, I'm going to do it in a different color, which I haven't figured out yet.

This next one I got a couple of days ago, and most of the custom work had already been done for me! Since I was going to use this custom setup anyway, not getting an original unspoiled body didn't bother me. Whoever did the molding and removing of the trim did a really good job. Just a few minutes with some 240 sanding sticks and the body cleaned up nicely, so thanks to whoever did this originally.

I decided to try and snag another 66 Wildcat and managed to not only get a custom series kit, but an original one as well. I will build the original as an unmodified body (I'm leaving the IMHO incorrect side trim alone). The custom series will be built with the "Wildcat" custom nose and tail.

Will it looks pretty smooth where I removed the lower side trim, it's actually pretty bumpy, so I am going to use the side pipes on this build. I've removed the chrome plating and will paint them probably Tamiya dark gunmetal. I think this will be painted in some dark green instead of the yellow one shown on the side of the box and I'm ditching the side decals.

My other wildcat rebuild is still in the pond soaking, Once I get all the paint off I'll sand down the side and repaint it.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.

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