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A few observations:

1.Turns out resin casters are better casters than web developers. The time it takes to keep an e-commerce site current is problematic, considering few, if any casters are at it full time. Holding down a day job, prepping and running parts, and maintaining web store requires a 30-hour day. Some cats can do it, I tip my gimme hat to them. IMO Ed Fluck Jr.(Drag City) has the best model for the social media age. If you think it's easy... try it some time.

2. As casting becomes more sophisticated, sub-vendors such as chrome, photo etch, decals, packaging, 3D services are crucial but rarely align, timing wise. We are blessed beyond measure to have ours but they can't be rushed and deliver a quality product. It's not anyone's fault... but ... as the Hogan's Heroes Jeep reminds us, its not a kit or transkit until it is the whole kit.

3. It was mentioned in the thread, but if you see it and you like it, and it's in your hand, grab it. If you want, build it, or at worst, you can sell it. Casters are not big companies with a bench of craftsmen and deep pockets. They are hobbyists like you are, and often are making the business go one sale to the next. Most aren't Walmart, and do not typically maintain catalogs of product to dream-book any more.

Someone said to me many years ago that 90% of all resin never gets built. I know it's 100% true for me - things I've started are in a holding pattern, and have been for 15 (or more) years.

Maybe next year.

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