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There USED TO BE a collectible toy store in southwest San Antonio that had a HALF CASE worth of the Thomas Flyer kit in their inventory...I asked Terry Love once it they were still open a few years ago, but he answered "they're gone now". I drove to the store, and...

...HE WAS RIGHT! The ENTIRE BUILDING had been removed from the lot it was located on...which was strange because the building was a brick and cinder block structure, with a full concrete (cement?) floor. Only things left on the lot were the asphalt parking space in front, and the asphalt lot behind the building!! The footprint of the old building was...grass and dirt only!
If someone tore the building down, then why not take the parking areas' pavement, too!!

Anyhoo, thje building was once the home of San Antonio Automotive Paint and Radiator Supply...or do I have them reversed? (their store receipts had that name printed on them!) The '50s vintage building on the south end of Fredericksburg Road was the home of 'Small World Toy and Hobby', and it was the "boys" equivalent of an antique doll store--this place was full of old Tonka and Nylint toy trucks, old Japanese tinplate cars, old model trains of all scales, some G.I. Joe stuff, lots of old toy cars (from 1920s cast iron to '60s Matchbox, DInky, Corgi, and Hot Wheels) to plastic model cars and dealer promos (which were displayed in an old 'Dinky Toys' retail display cabinet.
I first discovered the place in 2006, when I was attending a training seminar in San An for a few days. I tried to get back there once a year, during ModelFiesta week, but one year, I couldn't get there. The next year, Terry told me they had disappeared. I wonder if they just moved the whole kit and kaboodle to their homes, instead of paying rent on a commercial building (not sure if they owned it. They did refer to the place as "the last undeveloped lot in San Antonio, which is technically incorrect, as the lot had a building on it, which qualifies as "developed", and there ARE a lot of commercial lots in that city that are undeveloped, for a variety of reasons (located in flood plains, too high in elevation compared to street level, etc.)

Bought a few things from them before 2010 or so,

Never did buy one of their Thomas Flyers, as I couldn't figure out if I was EVER going to build one of those kits...still sealed.

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