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Is this one of the least known, and least appreciated, street rod/hot rod kits of all time? *LINK* *PIC*

From my perspective, this is among the least known, and least appreciated hot rod model kits of all time. Around 2001 or so, Revell released a second kit off their Big John Mazmanian Willys Gasser tool, but it turned out to share little other than the body itself and the early Hemi engine block. Almost everything else was different, and it replicated to a "tee" one of the best known 1/1 scale street rod Willys projects of the era.

It was, and still is, an amazingly good kit, hobbled by only two issues - the front end sits too high, and the wheels and front tires are not reflective of what the leading edge real Willys street rods back then were running.

Fix those two issues - which I did here, and you have one of the finest street/hot rod models to have ever sat foot on the hobby store shelves.

Eleven more images at the link, including detail shots; scroll down to image #105 on the thumbnails page and begin there....

Thanks for looking....TIM

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