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I've got a gluebomb JoHan '67 Fury III convert in my stash. Windshield frame is either broken or missing, and I never got around to ordering a replacement from Modelhaus. I could slice the rear fender caps off, and use them to convert the '68 Police sedan into a '67...

EVERYBODY has one of the '68s, either the first run, one of the Seville reissues, or the more recent Okey Spaulding repop.
Building a '67 could be interesting...Thinking of a period correct Texas DPS paint scheme--'67 was the last year they ran all-white cars with black doors; '68 was the first year of the current black & white paint scheme...although the 'STATE TROOPER" lettering on the front fender was added in 1989 or so. '67 was also the debut year of the current DPS door lettering and gold Texas "background".

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