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The Ranchero had a tonneau cover, some extra wheels IIRC - I recall building a few

T-Bird, Galaxie, and Ranchero and '60 Mercury. All of them came from the fairly well stocked Sears Toyland hobby shelves BITD.

T-Bird was the promo, with small axles, so if a promo wheel with the traditional 1/16th axle hole, that's where it was from. Chopped mine up to make a convertible but it went badly. '60 Merc might have had skirts and antennae, but don't recall. I made it into a "Demo Derby" figure 8 style race car. Ranchero had a tonneau cover, can't recall what else. '62 Galaxie was an open hood car, but the chassis was scrubbed of the sales copy, still have it in a box someplace.

That was a great series, IMO, super easy to paint and build and feel good about it.

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