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Short answer...

...many of you know some or all of this...but....the tool was engineered by MPC and used for one production for the AMT branded kit pictured above. It was then modified by MPC for their own use, first run being a combo 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup and Woody kit, which was later run as two separate kits under MPC branding, then reissued multiple times under MPC, AMT-Ertl, and Round 2 ownership. Other parts (the 426 Wedge engine, for example), appeared in the MPC Ramchargers Dune Buggy kit, and at least some of us believe some of the tool was also used for one of MPC's Show Car kits (the name of the kit escapes me at the moment).

For a long time the '28A Tudor-specific parts were thought to be gone, but depending on who you believe at least some of those parts reportedly do still exist, but not in a form that would allow Round 2 to reissue the kit without considerable work.

Bottom line, it's probably not as hopeless as we thought for many years, but by the same token I don't expect to magically reappear anytime in the near to mid future...


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