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I just finished a new project that was almost 31 years in the making....................PICS

When my best friend Jerry G. Kathe passed away, I almost got out of the hobby. I had not desire to build anymore since he was not here to build with and compete in contests. In many ways we were like brothers. The wives and us guys did so many things together. Those were our good old days. To help myself deal with this, I wrote a story about Jerry, entitled "Remembering Mr. Mopar". I have attached it to this posting.

Article Pg 1

Article Pg 2

After giving you this information, I also decided that one day I would build a model in honor of Jerry. Below are some PICS of what I came up with to honor him.
Thanks for looking.

Mr. Mopar Behind The Wheel View

Mr. Mopar Front View

Mr. Mopar Left Front View

Mr. Mopar Left Rear View

Mr. Mopar Left Side View

Mr. Mopar Rear View

Mr. Mopar Right Front View

Mr. Mopar Right Side View

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