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Need some education on the classic Monogram 1/8 Big Deuce, Big T, etc...

Just scored an amazing deal on a only-slightly-started Big Deuce (yellow cover art, c.1963-4?) and am pretty stoked.

Have seen in some of the vintage build stories that the '32 kit mags are different than the Monogram 5-spoke parts pack accessory wheels.

Could this be this so?

The Rod and Custom Models build (which may be the greatest modeling mag cover in history) shows blackwall piecrust tires f/r, with spokes that look much rounder than the kit mags with the flat top to the spokes (a famous variant of the era, but drawing a blank now.)

At some point when I have some modeling rust removed, I'd like to build the R&CM version, would like to score the right ones for the job.

Thanks as always!

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