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Looking terrrific! Did your '73 have AC with a double vents in the middle of the upper dash panel? My '70 Z28 did not have AC (no '70 Z28 did) but when I moved to Houston my brother-in-law and I installed an AC dash with ducts and vents from a salvage yard and *PICS*
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then I had an aftermarket AC professionally installed. The aftermarket AC controls were a couple of knobs at the bottom edge of the dash below the steering wheel. The AC allowed me to keep driving the car while living with the humidity, heat, and traffic of Houston.

Do you (or anyone here) know if any of the '70 plus (second gen) Camaro kits have the center AC upper dash pad vents? Maybe one of the promos has them?

Here are a couple of pics of the dash panel and the center vent outlets.

Dash panel for '70s Camaros with AC:

Dash center vent outlets for '70s Camaros with AC (black base - upgrades had "chrome" trim lever handle and face of edge of each duct outlet):

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