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1/1 overheating trouble shooting here--if a car overheats ONCE, then returns to normal, is there a chance of recurrence after I top off the coolant?

2012 Mustang 3.7 V6. 179,000 miles.
Overheated once this past weekend. Hot coolant misting out of the upper radiator hose mount. Got to auto parts store, let it cool off, then bought some new 50/50 coolant. Added it to the overflow tank, and then drove it back. LONGER route due to trying to avoid a traffic backup (car was still moving, but not on a highway, so the max speed on the return run was 40 mph at first, until I hit another highway. NO overheating on that run. No overheating at all in the short trips since...although I noticed that the temp gauge hits the middle range and stays there now.

At no time did the car drop into 'Limp Home' mode (which the owner's manual said it would do IF it got TOO hot...)

Overheating could be bad thermostat, bad water pump, or bad hose. But the car hasn't overheated since...possibly a hot day combined with a low coolant level lead to the incident in the first place?

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